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The first thing visitors to Allentown, Pennsylvania notice is the city’s distinctive personality. It feels alive. From the streets lined with shade trees to the vibrant neon lights that illuminate brick buildings downtown, Allentown is a blend of art, history, and charm. The city has about 120,000 residents, and it’s located in Pennsylvania’s breathtaking Lehigh Valley.

Allentown’s Gorgeous Architecture and Homes

The backbone of Allentown’s vintage vibe is its buildings. Some of these downtown gems have turned into amazing restaurants and shops perfect for walking around the city. Others have been renovated into spectacular lofts and apartments. If you love minimalist décor, open-concept living or industrial design styles, scoring one of these amazing lofts should be high on your wish list.

There are also numerous standalone houses around the city with a more Victorian flair. Historical neighborhoods typically have beautiful brick buildings from the 1920s and 1930s, as well as multistory Colonial family homes. Many areas offer large lawns and gardens.

The median home price in Allentown is a comfortable $175,000, giving you amazing bang for your buck in total square feet and home amenities. However, you should know that prices vary depending on your favorite neighborhoods.

Why Allentown, PA Is a Great Place To Live

Even though Allentown is Pennsylvania’s third-largest city, it doesn’t feel crowded or busy. Its nightlife scene is active but features a more laid-back character. Friends hang out at eclectic coffee shops and bars, swing by the city’s tasty restaurants or check out a show in the theater district. Here are a few other highlights:

  • New York City neighbor: You can be in Philadelphia or New York City in under two hours, so catching your favorite performances or sports teams isn’t a problem.
  • Great walkability: Lots of trails around the city and a smart downtown layout makes it easy to break in your walking shoes on the way to work or for fun.
  • Excellent outdoor activities: Twin mountain ranges to the north and south provide access to great skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

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