Anaheim CA


Anaheim CA

Anaheim is a city in Orange County, California and a part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. With a population of around 336,000 in 2010, it’s the tenth-most populous in the state. It’s a popular place to live within the Los Angeles area outside of LA itself.

Housing Market

The median home listing price in Anaheim is $584,100. Home listings have a median square footage of 1,515, which is relatively typical for California cities. The median price per square foot is $386. These values are 162 percent above the national average. However, they’re lower than in Los Angeles and some other parts of the metropolitan area.

Attractions and Culture

Anaheim is the home of the Disneyland Resort, the city’s largest employer. It also houses the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League and the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball. Other attractions include the Grove of Anaheim, several golf courses and the Anaheim Convention Center, a popular venue for large events.

The city is generally considered one of the safest in the country. In 2003, only nine murders were reported, one-third of the national average per capita. Other violent crimes are also relatively low for the county. Property crimes such as theft are higher but still significantly below national averages.


The economy of Anaheim is primarily based on tourism. The Disneyland Resort is both the largest employer and a staple of the economy. It provides $4.5 billion to the Southern California economy and around $250 million in taxes.

Several major companies have corporate offices in the city including AT&T, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, Toyota Financial Services and Panasonic. These are the largest employers as of 2017:

  • Disneyland Resort
  • Kaiser Foundation Hospital
  • Northgate Gonzalez Markets
  • Hilton Anaheim
  • Angels Baseball

The Anaheim Canyon business park is the largest industrial district in Orange County. The second largest is also in Anaheim Canyon. In total the area houses over 2,600 businesses employing over 55,000 workers.

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