Bellevue WA


Alternately described as a satellite city, a suburb, or an edge city, Bellevue is a community of 144,444 people, according to a 2017 census estimate, making it the third-largest city in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. Bellevue is located across Lake Washington from Seattle, in the Eastside region of King County in Washington state.

Safety, a website that ranks U.S. cities on the basis of livability, gives Bellevue it’s number one ranking for low crime rates among big cities in Washington. The year-over-year crime rate in Bellevue is currently down 7 percent, and the total crime rate is 14 percent lower than for Washington state.


The high school graduation rate in Bellevue is excellent at 94 percent, outranking the United States by 14 percent and the state of Washington by 9 percent. K-12 students in Bellevue test 42 percent higher than their peers throughout the United States. Publications such as the Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, and Newsweek have ranked Bellevue public high schools among the best and most challenging in the nation within the last 10 years.


As in Seattle and other surrounding communities, information technology and telecommunications represent a significant portion of Bellevue’s economy. Companies with headquarters or satellite offices in the Bellevue area include Google, Microsoft, eBay, T-Mobile, and Expedia.

Even by the standards of the region, Bellevue is an extremely prosperous community, with a per capita income of $54,883 and a median household income of $100,703. Unfortunately, the cost of living index and home prices are correspondingly high, with the former being 176 and the latter averaging at about $600,000.


The neighborhoods in Bellevue that rank among both the largest and the best include Interlake, Wilburton, Bridle Trails, and Somerset. In addition to Bridle Trails, the top three best neighborhoods in Bellevue are the enigmatic Enatai and the whimsically named Tam O’shanter. Somerset and Wilburton round out the top five.


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