Boston MA


Boston is both the capital of Massachusetts and the largest city in the state. There are no other cities in Massachusetts that even come close to matching Boston’s size. It has a population over 600,000, while the next closest doesn’t even break 200,000. If you’re a fan of the big city, Boston may be the best choice for you. There’s always something new to discover and something exciting to experience. Learn more about the active lifestyle that Boston offers anyone who comes to stay.

Skyline of downtown Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Reasons To Move to Boston

  • Boston is one of the most historically significant cities in the entire nation. There’s a great opportunity to learn about your country’s history.
  • Enjoy the scenic view of Boston’s bays, parks, rivers, and the Atlantic ocean.
  • The city has an active nightlife, full of live music, dance clubs, bars, and more.
  • Boston features a huge art scene, with many museums to see as well as a week-long art festival each year in April.
  • Experience a wide range of exciting festivals, such as the Boston Calling Music Festival, the Boston Pride Festival, Boston Spring Concerts, Off the Beaten Path Food Tours, and more.

Which Boston Neighborhoods To Consider

Just like any major city in the US, the crime rate in Boston is a little higher than average. This is simply part of living in a city that is so large. However, Boston has a wide range of neighborhoods that offer a comparatively very low crime rate. If you’re concerned with safety when considering moving to Boston, take a look at the neighborhoods of Fort Dawes, West Roxbury, Summer St, Centre St, and Pond St. These are the safest areas of the city, although they are also further away from downtown Boston. If you want something closer to the action, consider Charles St, Warren Ave, and Back Bay.


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