Bridgeport CT


A historic seaport, Bridgeport, CT is the largest city by population in the state. It’s a relatively affordable housing market for Connecticut. Between the opportunities for home ownership and the attractive coast, Bridgeport is a good choice for any home buyer in Connecticut.

Black Rock Harbor lighthouse in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Bridgeport’s economy was originally based heavily on industry and shipping. However, as both industries slowly transitioned away from the city, it has shifted to a more service-based economy. Healthcare, finance, and education play important roles in Bridgeport. These are the largest employers in the city as of 2009:

  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center
  • Bridgeport Hospital
  • People’s United Bank
  • University of Bridgeport
  • Bridgeport Health Care Center


Bridgeport is especially well known for its parks. The official nickname of the city is “Park City.” The parks include the McLevy Green, a historic public square, the Clinton Park Militia Grounds, Old Mill Green and Seaside Park. These public spaces attract both locals and visitors to enjoy the natural and manmade landmarks of Bridgeport.

Live performance venues in the city include the Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Playhouse on the Green, Klein Memorial Auditorium and Webster Bank Arena. The latter is the home of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, a hockey team. There are several museums in the city, reflecting its historic nature. It is also the home of Connecticut’s largest zoo, Beardsley Zoo.

Bridgeport hosts the annual Gathering of the Vibes, a weekend-long music and arts festival. It also houses the Greater Bridgeport Symphony, which has operated since 1945.

Housing Market

The median listing price of houses in Bridgeport, CT is $166,600 with a median square footage of 1,459. This makes the price per square foot $114. These values are 25 percent below the median for the United States. They are also significantly below some of the suburban and residential areas in the Greater New York metropolitan area, which extends into Connecticut and includes Bridgeport.


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