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Visitors are often surprised to know that Buffalo, New York, has a staggering population of 1.1 million people. Despite its size, the city enjoys an intimate feel that families adore. This city is also popular with college grads and young couples looking to buy their first home. If gourmet food, stunning architecture and gorgeous Lake Erie scenery sound like the perfect place for your dream home, then you need to check out Buffalo, New York.

Old and modern skyline of New York City on a sunny autumn day.

An Irresistible Housing Market

Buffalo has a lot of things going for it when it comes to finding your ideal home. First of all, the median home value of $144,000 is far below the U.S. national average of around $225,000. Second, this median price is even more attractive when considering the city’s higher average income. In other words, you can find incredible home amenities for less than they should cost.

Buffalo’s strong architectural past includes elegant designs from major names in architecture. It’s possible to find distinctive homes inspired by art deco, craftsman, prairie box, beaux-arts, colonial revival, and other styles.

Highlights of Living in Buffalo

  • Niagara Falls: Visiting Niagara Falls is a life-changing experience. In Buffalo, you’re only 20 minutes away from this natural wonder. Kids love it, and couples find the backdrop romantic.
  • Charming residents: Everyone in Buffalo is friendly. As you might expect from a strong Irish culture, it’s common for neighbors to say hello, gather with friends, go out for drinks and root for sports teams at one of the city’s eclectic craft breweries.
  • Excellent weather: Summer temperatures are a mild 69 degrees on average, and spring and fall stay around 50 degrees. Buffalo does get some snowfall, but you don’t need to worry about blizzards like other places in New York.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright architecture: History buffs and architecture lovers are in for a treat with the multiple homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There are also several historic parks created by Frederick Law Olmsted.
  • The waterfront: Enjoy beautiful Lake Erie without ever leaving the city. Buffalo’s waterfront neighborhoods frequently host live music events and other open-air celebrations.

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