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Charleston, South Carolina, is a historic city located on Charleston Harbor in the Southeastern United States. Charleston’s population is around 137,000, and more than 50 percent of adults have at least a four-year degree. This is figure is much higher than the U.S. average. The city is known for its high-quality schools, and although it’s an urban center of the Southeast, it has a homey, suburban feel.

Charleston, South Carolina.

The History and Economy of Charleston

Charleston was the original capital of South Carolina, but that honor was transferred to Columbia in 1788. Tourism and small businesses are the backbones of Charleston’s modern economy, although the city was originally a bustling seaport which was famous for the role it played in the American Civil War. The Historic French Quarter and Waterfront Park are just two of many areas in town where you can experience the city as it existed in times past.

The Geography and Housing Market in Charleston

The Cooper and Ashley Rivers empty into Charleston Harbor, which is a well-known safe haven on the Atlantic Coast. The geographic districts of Charleston include Daniel Island, which is north of downtown, James Island, Johns Island, Cainhoy Peninsula on the east side of town, West Ashley, which comprises the area west of the Ashley River, and Downtown Peninsula, which is the heart of the city.

Charleston’s median home value is nearly $300,000, compared with the U.S. median of slightly more than $225,000. However, the median household income in Charleston is roughly $61,500, whereas the U.S. median household income is only $56,500. There are many beautiful homes on the market in Charleston, from single-family houses built in a historical style to modern condominiums and everything in between. Although the average home price is higher than other cities in the region, there is housing available at every price point.

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