Charleston WV


As the capital of and most populous city in West Virginia, Charleston has a lot to offer. The city brings a desirable mix of historic charm and modern metropolitan entertainment to its residents and visitors.

Charleston, West Virginia, USA skyline on the Kanawha River.

Home Buying Guide

The estimated home value in Charleston is currently $108,400. The market is very good for sellers right now, and homes are affordable for buyers. The median listing price for a home in the city is $169,000, and the median price for a home sale is $129,300. Home values are expected to decrease slightly over the next year.

Demographics and Daily Life

Charleston’s current estimated population is 47,929. 23.7 percent of households have children under the age of 18 living with them, and the average family size is 2.82. The median family income in Charleston is $47,975, and the median income for a household is $34,009. There are 87.3 males for every 100 females in the city.

Education is an important part of Charleston’s culture. Besides the local public schools for children and teenagers, Charleston is home to private and public universities and many more institutions for higher learning are closely located. There are many big-name companies headquartered in Charleston, such as the United Bank of West Virginia, so finding employment is not a great challenge in the city.

Things to Do

Who doesn’t want to have fun in their city? Charleston offers the following attractions and more to its residents:

  • Carriage Trail
  • The Clay Center
  • Charleston Colosseum and Convention Center
  • FestivAll
  • Live on the Levee music event
  • WV POWER Minor League Baseball team

There are also about 50 locations in Charleston that are included on the National Register of Historic Places, so history buffs will enjoy visiting some or all of them and learning about Charleston’s rich past. Whether you want to spend the day shopping or go for a bike ride, Charleston has something for you.


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