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Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio, with a metro population of around 2.7 million people. It’s located on the banks of Lake Erie and has the Cuyahoga River running through it. Expect attractive views, cool summers, and comfortable winters, along with lake-effect snow for kids to play around in. Cleveland has all the amenities you expect from a big city, along with cool culture and great Italian and Asian cuisine.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA downtown skyline on the Cuyahoga River at dusk.

What Is the Cleveland Home Market Like?

Cleveland is a very affordable city when you’re buying your first home. A median selling price of about $132,000 goes a long way to get you the little details you crave in a house. Currently, the city is in a buyer’s market, meaning there is a surplus of homes for sale. This gives you an advantage at the bargaining table, so you can grab great deals for an excellent price.

Here are a few styles of homes available in Cleveland to whet your appetite for a house with personality:

  • French chateau
  • Victorian
  • Cottage
  • Prairie
  • Bungalow
  • Contemporary

What Is There To Do in Cleveland, Ohio?

Cleveland isn’t boring or stuck in the middle of nowhere; it’s vibrant, artistic and very much alive. Here are just a few things to see:

  • Cleveland Metropark: Why have a single park when you can create an extensive system of nonstop parks running through the city and beyond? The Metropark system gives everyone access to greenery for relaxation, sports, family excursions or your favorite type of exercise.
  • Cleveland Public Library: Both the architecture of this historical treasure and its massive literary collection makes the Cleveland Public Library a type of Shangri-La for book lovers.
  • Lake Erie: Beautiful backdrops, gourmet coffee shops, and a romantic atmosphere make walking along Lake Erie’s shore’s a major highlight for Cleveland residents.
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: This location needs no introduction for die-hard rock fans.
  • Gordon Square: Free rock concerts and plays in lush surroundings? Yes, please.
  • Cleveland Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art: Not only do these Cleveland locations hold works from world-famous artists, but they’re also free for everybody.

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