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The population of Coventry, Kent County, Rhode Island, is around 35,000. The town was established in 1741 when it separated from the town of Warwick (which was established in 1642). It’s full of history dating back to colonial times. At around 62 square miles, Coventry is the largest town (by area) in the smallest state, Rhode Island. Instead of having a lot of urban neighborhoods, Coventry is made up of several small mill villages, many of which predate the United States.

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What Life Is Like in Coventry

The west side of town has a slightly more rural feel than the east side, which borders the state of Connecticut and has a suburban vibe. The expansiveness of Coventry gives it the perfect mix of city and country: You can easily travel to Boston, Providence or New York City or you can stick around town and still have plenty to do. Seasonal activities, such as pumpkin or apple picking, are a big draw, as are the nearby food and beer festivals, including food truck nights.

The scenery throughout the year will take your breath away and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Hiking, fishing, boating, and swimming are all popular activities when the weather is good. The Pawtuxet River, Tiogue Lake, Flat River Reservoir, Stump Pond, Quidnick Reservoir, Whitford Pond, and several other smaller lakes and streams give you plenty of choices if the water is your thing. Use the extensive, paved bike trail to get your exercise and enjoy nature.

Coventry’s Housing Market

Coventry has many historic homes and farmhouses, and the median home cost is around $240,000, whereas the U.S. median home value is around $225,000. 73% of the homes in Coventry are owned, not rented. The majority of homes for sale here are single-family; there are also a few condominiums and multi-family buildings available, as well as several mobile homes.

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