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The beautiful suburb of Edison, New Jersey is a great place to raise a family outside of the hustle and bustle of New York City. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, diverse neighborhood with excellent schools or simply looking for a safe, friendly area near the city, find out why Edison, New Jersey, is a great place to find your next home.

A car in a parade on a street in Edison, New Jersey.

Reasons to Buy a Home in Edison, New Jersey

This quaint suburb features high on many most-livable small city rankings. It’s also been ranked 13th safest neighborhood in the entire nation. Here are some other features that make Edison an excellent place to settle down:

  • Educational Excellence:
    Edison offers many high-ranking educational opportunities for your children. Menlo Park Elementary School, John Adams Middle School and the Academy of Science Vocational School are just some of the highest ranking schools in the area.
  • Safe Streets:
    This community is regularly rated as a safe neighborhood with low crime rates.
  • Incredible Diversity:
    The presence of India Day Parade every year in Edison testifies to the range of diversity in the area, particularly Asian-Americans. Known as Little India, the surrounding area is a melting pot of culture including nearby Koreatown and Chinatown.
  • Local Attractions:
    Edison is about far more than schools and low crime rates. Roosevelt Park, Thomas Edison Center, and Rutgers Gardens are all excellent attractions to enjoy a blend of outdoor adventure and history.

Of course, the most exciting nearby attractions are New York City. The sheer scale of worldwide cuisine, historical sites, entertainment options, and economy are enough reasons to choose this great suburb. A short commute allows you to work or visit attractions through New York City and still be home every night.

While the local median home value is higher than the national average at $373,000, a home in Edison is a worthwhile investment in a vibrant community, competitive education and neighborhood safety.


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