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The first impression visitors have of Eugene, Oregon is that it’s a place where the forest is actually part of the city. Everywhere you look, vibrant flora, fresh air, and blue skies abound. The Emerald City also happens to be the home of the popular University of Oregon, giving Eugene an eclectic mix of small-town vibe and high-tech flair. If living close to nature while still enjoying hip nightlife and a solid economy sounds great to you, then you’ll love Eugene, Oregon.

Eugene, Oregon, USA downtown cityscape at dusk.

How Much Do Houses Cost in Eugene?

At this point, it’s fairly clear that living in Eugene is pretty close to heaven for nature-loving families and individuals across the United States. In fact, there’s a trend of professionals moving to Eugene to establish tech startups. This popularity comes with a tiny downside: Median home values in Eugene’s lush neighborhoods tend to hover around $315,000–$350,000.

Still, for attractive homes in paradise, many buyers find the cost well worth the value, especially compared to living in a downtown apartment in Seattle or another metropolitan area. Homes in Eugene generally have three or four bedrooms, a large backyard, and gorgeous scenery.

What Makes Eugene, OR, So Popular?

Besides the natural draw of a great university, Eugene has a unique identity that nature lovers appreciate:

  • Sustainable living: Life in Eugene is based on taking care of the environment, from the way homes are built to the focus on clean areas.
  • Green spaces everywhere: Parks, bike trails, evergreens, and gardens pop out all over the city. Enjoy your morning coffee outside the office with beautiful shade trees and picture-perfect mountains in the background.
  • Outdoor relaxation: You don’t have to travel far to spend time in nature with friends and family. The rocky Oregon coast is an hour away to the west, the clear blue Willamette River runs through the town and you can reach the stunning Willamette National Forest with its peaks and valleys in 30 minutes.
  • Microbreweries and vineyards: All that rain and calm temperature conditions are perfect for wine country. Wine connoisseurs and fans of craft brews are in for a treat in this region.

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