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Nearly 17 percent of North Dakota’s population lives in Fargo, representing more than 122,000 residents. The city serves as the industrial, cultural and economic hub for northwestern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota, largely due to the collegiate community. Residents enjoy ample green space, good economic opportunities and a wide variety of arts and leisure activities.

A snowstorm passes thru Fargo, North Dakota in winter.

Fargo Economics

Health care is the top industry in Fargo, closely followed by retail and accommodations. Top employers include Sanford Health, North Dakota State University, and Essentia Health.

Although the cost of living in Fargo is slightly higher than in the rest of the state, it’s in line with the national average. The unemployment rate is below the national average while projected job growth for the next several years is above the national average.

Living in Fargo

Students in this city attend Fargo Public Schools, which has four high schools, three middle schools, and more than a dozen elementary schools. North Dakota State University has a population of 14,000 individuals who study engineering, science, agriculture and other pursuits.

The presence of several universities in and around Fargo drives the diverse cultural opportunities in the area. The city is home to a historic public library, opera, ballet, symphony orchestra, and art museum. Catch movies and other events at the Fargo Theatre, a restored art deco movie house.

Buying a Home in Fargo

Fargo has a median home value of just over $202,000, with 42 percent of current home inventory in the $113,000 to $227,000 price range. Apartment buildings and single-family homes are the most common types of Fargo dwellings, with nearly three-quarters of homes built since 1970.

Currently, the hottest neighborhoods for home buyers include City Center and North River near the main campus of North Dakota State University. The median listing value of $223,500 has held steady over the past year and is expected to drop just slightly (0.5 percent) over the coming year. In a cool market like this one, buyers can expect to find some surprising deals.


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