Grand Rapids MI


The childhood home of former President Gerald Ford and the manufacturing center for some of the leading office furniture producers, Grand Rapids or “River City” is the second largest city in Michigan. With a bustling nightlife and active art community, the once proud “Furniture City” has earned its right to be hailed as a modern metropolis, boasting affordable housing, health professional opportunities, and a family-friendly atmosphere.


Living in the City

Ranked among the top places to live or retire, Grand Rapids is an affordable and welcoming alternative to similar areas with higher home values. Grand Rapids has a median home price of only $170,500 or median rent value of $1,435. The average household income in the city is around $45,000, and the average age of residents is 34. Beyond the lower than average housing costs, Grand Rapids also has a cost of living that is below the national average as well, meaning that despite lower annual incomes of most major metropolitan areas, residents of Grand Rapids can live comfortably for less.

Attractions and Distractions

There is no denying that Grand Rapids is a quiet community. However, there is plenty to do for the active outdoorsman. The “River City” has over 1,200 acres of parks and access to Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Beyond Outdoor activities, there is a vibrant art community along with notable museums. Additionally, residents can enjoy performances from the only professional ballet company in Michigan – the Grand Rapids Ballet – as well as other comedy shows and theater troupes. Also, for those interested, the city’s craft beer scene is legendary, with many residents and visitors partaking in the Beer City Ale Trail for tours and tastings.

Grand Rapids is a safe and well-established community. It provides a fair bit of historical significance while also offering residents a welcoming and affordable community. This grand metropolis is a great place where families and individuals alike can seek refuge and find a place to call home.


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