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Only 15 miles east of popular Portland, the city of Gresham, Oregon, is a beautiful suburb that rests on the banks of the sweeping Columbia River. This city of 110,000 residents has a small-town charm and a comfortable lifestyle, plus the amenities of Portland. A short drive east, the greenery of Mt. Hood National Forest greets Gresham residents every morning as they enjoy a cup of coffee on the patio.

Family homes and vehicles parked in a neighborhood Gresham Oregon.

What Are the Houses Like in Gresham, Oregon?

One of the biggest advantages of living in Gresham instead of Portland — besides saving a lot of money — is the variety of large homes available. Homes in Gresham tend to be attractive single- and multi-family houses with three, four or five bedrooms. Lawns are large and provide plenty of space for enjoying a summer barbecue or making a winter snowman with your kids.

The median home price in Gresham is around $300,000, which is more expensive than the U.S. average but far more comfortable than downtown Portland’s $450,000 median prices and above. There is a fair distribution of prices in Gresham depending on the neighborhood you choose, with around 40 percent of homes falling into the range of $260,000–$400,000 and another 25 percent in the accessible $130,000–$260,000 bracket.

Is Gresham, OR a Nice Place To Live?

The city’s relaxed pace of life is hard to resist for single professionals, families and retirees alike. Here are a few of the best things about moving to Gresham, Oregon:

Outdoor activities:

The city’s parks and the Columbia River make it easy for nature lovers to enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether you just want to watch the sunrise, go for a hike, ride your bike or have fun on the river, it’s all within walking distance.

Eco-friendly living:

If sustainability and environmental consciousness are important to you, you’ll fit right in.

Beautiful scenery:

Outdoor photographers love the picturesque backdrops within city limits and in the forests and Willamette Valley locations nearby.

Great year-round climate:

Mild summers and winters where it barely snows are a highlight of Gresham.


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