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The capital city of Connecticut, Hartford, plays an important role in the state both as a political and economic center. Its metropolitan area is fairly wealthy and prosperous; however, the housing market in Hartford proper is relatively affordable. Thus, it is a strong potential target for home buyers in Connecticut.

Hartford, Connecticut, USA downtown cityscape.

Housing Market

The median home listing price in Hartford is $130,100. These listings have a median square footage of 1,764. This makes the price per square foot on $74. These values are 42 percent below the national median. Additionally, this is significantly lower than much of both the New York metropolitan area and even the surrounding Hartford metropolitan area.


Hartford is known as the “Insurance Capital of the World” because it is the home of many insurance companies which is the region’s most significant industry. Other important economic sectors include healthcare, research, and education.

Large employers in the city include Aetna, Conning & Company, the Hartford, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Hartford Hospital and the State of Connecticut. Over the past decade, the city has experienced some economic growth. Notably, Sovereign Bank and Northeast Utilities have established or plan to establish campuses there.


Hartford houses several notable universities and colleges, including:

  • Trinity College
  • University of Connecticut, Hartford Campus
  • Rensselaer at Hartford
  • University of Hartford
  • Capital Community College

The city’s public schools are administered by Hartford Public Schools, a district with over 20,000 students and 3,000 staff. It includes Hartford Public High School, the second oldest high school in the country.


Hartford is known as a foodie destination, with a wide variety of restaurants and food trucks representing different cuisines. The city also hosts a number of seasons farmer’s markets. As a historic city, Hartford is also home to several architectural landmarks including the Aetna building, the Cheney Building Bridge, Armsmear and the Cathedral of Saint Joseph.

The city has several minor league teams. These include the Hartford Yard Goats, Hartford Wolf Pack, Hartford Athletic, and Hartford Wanderers.


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