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Hillsboro is a suburb of Portland, Oregon. It provides much of the same great scenery, proximity to nature, amenities, and vibe of Oregon’s largest city, but with lower housing costs and a relaxed backdrop. An excellent place to raise a family or start an e-commerce business, Hillsboro, Oregon, has a population of approximately 100,000.


How Much Do Homes Cost in Hillsboro, OR?
The median home listing price is around $390,000, and homes sell for an average of $375,000. Part of the reason for these costs is that Hillsboro, like Portland, has a seller’s market. In other words, because they’re popular places to live, the amount of available homes is less than interested buyers.

Hillsboro’s median housing costs are higher than the U.S. national average — most big cities and suburbs in Oregon are — but lower than other desirable areas in the country, such as Miami, New York City, Washington, D.C and California cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. For many residents of Hillsboro and Portland, the price is worth enjoying the spectacular natural surroundings and excellent quality of life.

Advantages of Living in Hillsboro Instead of Portland

Lower housing costs:
As a suburb, Hillsboro offers median prices that are approximately $100,000 less than the Portland average. In practice, this can save you many hundreds of thousands of dollars when looking for an attractive home.

Standalone homes:
Downtown Portland has its own perks, and many residents love living near the shops and cultural hubs. However, Portland living in urban areas often means condos or townhouses. In Hillsboro, you can find a comfortable home with three or four bedrooms and a gorgeous backyard.

High-tech employment:
Hillsboro is the Intel capital of Oregon. This city is in Portland’s buzzing Silicon Forest, providing great access to employment and a quick commute. Peace and quiet: If you prefer a serene atmosphere for entertaining friends or getting some quality sleep, Hillsboro is the place for you. The perfect distance from Portland: It only takes 15–30 minutes to get anywhere in Portland, so you can enjoy your favorite nightlife activities and shows whenever you feel like it.


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