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Jersey City is one of the most populated cities in New Jersey, with approximately 270,000 people. This large number of residents brings an incredible mixture of culture, art, food, and architecture. The city offers classic neighborhoods with tasty pizza joints and high-tech hubs that make it easy to stay up-to-date with the 21st century.

Goldman Sachs Tower, with 42 floors and 781 feet tall, is the tallest building in New Jersey.

Buying a Home in Jersey City, New Jersey

The first shock to many Jersey City homebuyers is the significantly lower housing costs of the city compared to NYC. The median home price in Jersey City hovers around $380,000, which is far less than many apartments in the Big Apple. However, Jersey City also happens to be one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. This increases the number of new homes available but also stimulates an overall increase in home values as more people move in.

The Best Neighborhoods in Jersey City

Safety is a prime concern when selecting the right neighborhood in Jersey City. Here are a few popular areas with a solid reputation for safety and things to do:

  • The Waterfront
  • Hackensack Waterfront
  • Liberty Park
  • Grove Street
  • Downtown

Highlights of Jersey City

What makes Jersey City an easy place to love? Here are a few benefits:

  • Tons of amenities: Jersey City offers endless things to do and caters to almost any taste. Art lovers can find stunning museums and galleries, music aficionados have their choice of live performances and families love the huge range of restaurants, shopping malls, parks, libraries and shops to visit.
  • Proximity to Manhattan and Newark: The PATH train system can get you to the World Trade Center in under 10 minutes. Connecting quickly to Newark’s airport means zipping around the country for business travel is just as easy.
  • Great views: Jersey City is famous for its spectacular parks and breathtaking vistas of New York City’s skyline and the Manhattan waterfront.

Jersey City is a great fit for individuals and families looking for close proximity to New York City without the price tag life in Manhattan brings. Residents enjoy a more laidback feel and still get to keep many perks of big city life.


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