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Kailua is a census-designated place in Honolulu County, Hawaii. It’s on the windward coast around Kailua Bay, from which it gets its name. It’s primarily a residential and resort area that, in recent years, has experienced a boom in tourism.

Home Values

The median home value in Kailua is just over $1 million. The price per square foot is $654, higher than the Honolulu metropolitan area as a whole. The home values have climbed significantly over the past decade but may be cooling off. Some of the increased prices are the result of a tourism boom as the CDP began being seen as an alternative to Waikiki on the other side of the island.

The high values in Kailua are particularly driven by Lanikai, a small community in the CDP. The beach there was rated one of the top 10 by Sherman’s Travel Magazine. Its small size and famous beach make it a particularly expensive real estate market.


Kailua is noted for the natural beauty of its coastline, particularly Kailua Bay. Lanikai Beach, Kawai Nui March and Maunawili Falls are also notable natural attractions in the area.

The Marine Corps Base Hawaii lies nearby and plays a significant role in Kailua’s economy and culture as many marines, sailors, civilian employees, and their families live there. During his presidency, Barack Obama used Kailua as a winter White House. This helped boost the popularity of the CDP as a tourist attraction.

Culture and Lifestyle

Kailua is primarily a residential and tourist location. Consequently, a lot of the economy is driven by retail, hospitality and other related services.

The waves along Kailua Beach allow for surfing and body surfing. Windsurfing and kite-surfing are also popular activities. Sea kayaking and paddle-boarding have also increased in popularity recently.

The schools are administered by the state’s Department of Education. There are two public high schools, one intermediate school, and nine elementary schools. There are also seven private schools in Kailua.


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