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Lahaina is the largest census-designated place in West Maui, Hawaii. As of 2010, it had a population of 11,704. It’s a popular tropical getaway and the population can swell to 40,000 during tourist season.

Lahaina's waterfront, located on Maui's West Shore, is lined with shops, restaurants and beautiful view of both Lanai and Molokai Islands.

Home Values

The value for homes in Lahaina is around $675,000 with a price per square foot of $836. These values are high for the area and significantly higher than the national median. Home values in Lahaina have risen steadily since 2012, nearly doubling in that time, and continue to increase.


The economy of Lahaina and the surrounding area is largely based on tourism and supporting services. The largest employers in the county are hotels and resort locations.

  • Grand Wailea-Waldorf Astoria
  • Ritz-Carlton-Kapalua
  • Maui Memorial Medical Center
  • Four Seasons-Maui
  • Westin Maui Resort-Spa Kaanapali


Lahaina has a pleasant tropical climate. In the historic district, it is relatively dry and calm. In Kaanapali, the weather is wetter and with frequent tropical breezes. The record low temperature is 52°F and the record high is 97°F.


The historic district of Lahaina is a popular attraction and features several historic buildings. It was once the residence for Maui kings and chiefs. The district was also a center for missionary activity in the past.

The coastline is famously beautiful around Lahaina. The valleys in the nearby West Maui mountains are similarly renowned.

The Halloween celebration is a signature event. The crowds average 20,000-30,000 people. This event starts with a children’s costume parade and ends with a large party enjoyed by adults. It’s often compared to Mardi Gras.

Lahaina hosts several sporting events including the Maui Invitational basketball tournament, the Vic-Maui Yacht Race and the PGA Tour’s Sentry Tournament of Champions.


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