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The state capital of Michigan and home to Michigan State University, Lansing is an active community booming with sporting events, music festivals, and art fairs. While it is among the safest areas to live in the United States, it is not out of reach financially for the typical family. This exuberant and historic city has room and opportunity for people from all walks of life.

Michigan State Capitol Building.

Affordable Housing and Living

Lansing is a growing community, with the average age of residents being 34 and most of those citizens being married with families. Nearly 65 percent of the city’s population are homeowners with an average annual salary of about $42,000. The median home price in the city is approximately $86,000, and the median cost of rent is around $850, making Lansing an excellent place for young college graduates or families just starting out.

Inclusive Community Events and Pride

The city aims to be all-inclusive and therefore has a series of events every year celebrating its citizens. Every August the city of Lansing hosts the Michigan Pride festival and LGBT pride parade. Additionally, the Capital City African-American Cultural Association puts on a Heritage Festival and African-American Parade annually.

Beyond the cultural appreciation events, Lansing also hosts the Electric Light Parade every November, during the Silver Bells in the City celebration. This celebration rings in the holiday season by bringing the city’s residence together for the lighting of Michigan’s official Christmas tree followed by a fireworks display.

Entertainment and Life in the City

Being the state capital and home to the renowned Michigan State University, there is never a shortage of things to do in Lansing. From weekly music recitals at the College of Music to the touring schedule of Broadway shows at the Wharton Center for Performing Art, or the many art and music festivals that fill the calendar year or any number of sporting events, Lansing is the place to be in Michigan.


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