Little Rock AR


Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas, and with over 738,000 residents, it’s a vibrant center of southern living. The city is characterized by an intersection of history and progress; while you’ll find plenty of homages to the city’s past in the form of monuments and statues, you’ll also encounter universities, an active arts scene, and sports teams that point towards a bright future for families and residents in the city.

An image of Little Rock, Arkansas at night.

Historic Homes and Residential Areas

One of the most notable features of Little Rock is the abundance of historical homes. The neighborhood Quapaw Quarter, in particular, is home to the Governor’s Mansion, the Empress of Little Rock, and streets lined with similarly impressive historic homes. Prospective homeowners looking for real estate options outside of historic areas can survey any of the city’s popular residential areas:

  • Hillcrest
  • East Little Rock
  • Westwood
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Woodland’s Edge

Economy and Education

The Little Rock School District enrolls over 25,000 students across 50 schools. The district is also one of Little Rock’s most prominent employers, with over 3,800 staff to account for. Little Rock’s economy relies on education as the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is also a major employer. The state capital and multiple health care facilities throughout the city are also major players in the economy of Little Rock, making education, government, and health care three of the top sectors in the city.

Home Prices and Projections

The median value of a home in Little Rock is $140,500. This, compared to the national average of $226,700, makes it clear that Little Rock is both affordable and attractive to prospective homeowners who are interested in building equity. Real estate seekers can find single family homes, multifamily homes, and nearly every other type of property in the Little Rock housing market. The city’s lively culture and historic beauty make it an appealing place to settle down.


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