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The City of Angels is known as much as the capital of pop culture as it is for being one of the country’s most competitive housing markets. Los Angeles, the second most populous in the country, is the center of the film and entertainment industries. With over 4 million residents, LA is still hugely diverse, and it has a housing market that reflects the range of lifestyles and livelihoods one can pursue in the city.

An image of the downtown Los Angeles skyline.

Top Neighborhoods in LA

Los Angeles has many different neighborhoods that represent the truly diverse population of the city. Some of the most popular areas to consider in the city include the following:

  • Downtown: The downtown real estate is comprised mostly of luxury lofts and upscale condominiums.
  • Venice: This oceanfront neighborhood is eclectic and has many craftsmen and bungalow-style single-family homes.
  • Brentwood: This suburb of LA contains many exclusive luxury homes, many of which are owned by celebrities.
  • Echo Park: Like Venice, Echo Park is eclectic and artsy, and it has many condominiums, single family homes, and multifamily homes.

Los Angeles Economy and Education

Los Angeles’ unemployment rate of 4.1% is lower than the state’s average of 4.2%, and the healthy economy is supported by a range of corporations that are headquartered in the city. The Los Angeles Unified School district is one of the city’s top employers, and it also operates some of the top schools in the city, such as the California Academy of Mathematics & Science and Arcadia High School.

Real Estate and Home Values

Los Angeles boasts a higher than average home value at $687,700. The premium for living in such a thriving metropolis can make house hunting a challenge, but Los Angeles has plenty of features that make the cost of living worthwhile for its residents. Whether you’re looking to get closer to the entertainment business or simply enjoy the beauty of LA, finding the right neighborhood should be the first step in your real estate journey.


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