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Located in the northern part of the state, Nashville, Tennessee, isn’t only the most populous city in the state, but also the capital. As of 2017, the city was home to almost 670,000 people. Its metropolitan area, which spans 14 counties, has a population nearing two million. The city itself is known for its country music background, not to mention healthcare, higher education, and publishing.

Things to Do in Nashville

Nashville is known as a cultural hub. The city’s inhabitants enjoy a range of historical activities, such as former President Andrew Jackson’s home, The Hermitage. Foodie culture is also big in the city, which is especially fond of its hot chicken and barbecue. When it comes to entertainment, people can enjoy the Nashville Opera or the Nashville Symphony, or they can check out the CMA Music Festival, the Tennessee State Fair, or a range of bars and clubs that host both local and national acts. The city even hosts a film festival and a fashion week.

Safety in Nashville

Like most cities, Nashville’s safety rating depends on where in the city you live in. Although the city’s crime index is relatively low (listing it as safer than five percent of U.S. cities), it is important to consider that most reported crimes are related to property theft or vandalism and are not violent. The further you get from the center of Nashville, the less likely you are to encounter crime. The city’s safest neighborhoods include McCrory Lane, Pasquo, and Bluff Road. Forest Grove, Wrencoe and Lebanon Pike are also on the list of safest neighborhoods.

Education in Nashville

Nashville is served by Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. The district is home to about 86,000 students and includes more than 150 different schools. More than 15 private schools, including Father Ryan High School and Harding Academy, are also available. Nashville houses a large number of colleges and universities as well, including Belmont University and Tennessee State University.

Buying a Home in Nashville

Nashville is currently known as a buyer’s market, with homes having a median value of $266,000 and the median listing price of $323,700. Homes in Nashville cost about $195 per square foot while rent is about $1,650 per month. Most homes spend about 87 days on the market.


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