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An ideal place to live for medium-to-upper class families, Norman, Oklahoma, has a relaxing vibe and amazing educational experiences. This city of almost 120,000 inhabitants is also the location of the illustrious University of Oklahoma, so you can expect exciting cultural events, live music, art festivals and a refined city character. If it wasn’t for some temperature swings in summer and winter, Norman would be the perfect American city.

A shot of Oklahoma City University.

What Is the Housing Market Like in Norman, OK?

Buying a home is Norman is a pleasant experience due to the beautiful houses available around the city. However, securing the best price for your dream home may require getting the help of a trustworthy realtor. Norman’s popularity and the constant influx of new students attending the University of Oklahoma means that new properties are in demand.

The average home price of about $180,000 is about 35 percent higher than the Oklahoma median, but still much less than the U.S. average of over $200,000. In other words, you may pay more for living in Norman than other similar-sized Oklahoma cities, but compared to your hometown, you may be pleasantly surprised how far your money goes.

The other desirable quality of Norman, Oklahoma real estate is that property values continue to rise. This makes buying your home a great investment for the future.

What Are the Advantages of Living in Norman?

There are endless things that make life in Norman so positive for families, working professionals, teachers, and students. Here are a few:

  • Safe neighborhoods: Virtually every spot in this warm city is much safer than other places in Oklahoma. Norman’s crime rate is half that of Oklahoma City.
  • Lots of parks: The entire city feels like one big park, with immaculate gardens, well-maintained architecture and shade trees everywhere.
  • Sports amenities: Active families can participate in their favorite sports anytime. Norman has a huge swimming complex, a gorgeous golf course, 30-plus tennis courts and endless soccer fields, baseball diamonds and community football fields.
  • Excellent education: It’s not surprising that the K–12 education in this college town is stellar.


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