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If you’ve never been to Oklahoma City, OK, get ready to be happily surprised. This city of 1.3 million people is much more vibrant, stylish and modern than its Old West reputation usually lets on. Thanks to an excellent economy — Forbes described it as recession-proof — a low cost of living and affordable home prices, Oklahoma City is a prime location for buying a house.

Home Buying Tips for Oklahoma City, OK

The first thing you need to do when searching for homes in Oklahoma City is to select a few favorite neighborhoods. Different locations feature distinctive architecture, and this is reflected in the homes. For example, Crown Heights is one of the city’s historical gems, so homes there have vintage charm and beautiful brickwork.

Suburban areas are open and refreshing, with standalone homes perfect for families. Large backyards and plenty of room to entertain friends and loved ones make places such as Edmond, Norman, and Goldsby irresistible.

If you’re interested in walking to work downtown, and you want to be close to the energetic nightlife and entertainment venues, check out places such as Deep Deuce or Midtown. The townhomes in these urban areas are sleek, chic and modern.

Once you know what vibe or backdrop you’re looking for, you’re ready to choose a home you love. With median prices of $150,000, well below the U.S. average, finding an awesome house or townhouse isn’t difficult.

Everything You Need To Know About Living in Oklahoma City

This city has a strong western feel to it. Wearing cowboy boots everywhere is common, so if you love to rock a wide-brimmed hat or leather accessories, you’ll fit right in. One of the big draws of Oklahoma, in general, is how nice the people are. Residents say hello on the street and neighbors are happy to lend you a hand. In addition to great schools, families enjoy places such as the famed Oklahoma City Zoo, Myriad Botanical Gardens and relaxing Bricktown canal boat rides.

Think of Oklahoma City as Old West meets modern tech. The only thing roaming the streets is free Wi-Fi — no cows.

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