Pahrump NV


If you’re looking for a quiet town to raise your kids, somewhere laid-back to retire or a semi-permanent home base for globetrotting adventures, Pahrump, Nevada may be just right. This small Nevada town of 35,000 has a sleepy vibe and a slow pace of life.

Wide open empty desert landscape in Nevada during winter.

The city has become a popular place for retirees and adventurous souls who want to spend time traveling but still have a safe spot to return to. It also makes a great second home for couples who want to escape freezing temperatures further north.

Buying a House in Pahrump

The median home price in Pahrump is roughly $120,000. This attractive price is about 35 percent lower than the U.S. average, 40 percent cheaper than other places in Nevada and far more comfortable economically than living in Las Vegas.

However, the local job search can get tricky. That’s why many Pahrump residents are retirees or individuals who work online. With hundreds of ranch-style and standalone homes available, you have a lot of properties to choose from when looking for your favorite amenities.

What To Know Before Moving to Pahrump, NV

If you’re on the fence, here are some attractive details to consider:

  • Great spring and fall weather: It gets pretty hot during the summer here, which means drinking a lot of water. When spring and fall roll around, however, you can enjoy perfect 70-degree days for months.
  • Death Valley: This city is a great jumping-off point to Death Valley and other surrounding wilderness areas. If off-roading is your thing, there are many cool spots to check out.
  • Solitude: Pahrump is the opposite of Las Vegas when it comes to nightlife. If noise bothers you, you’ll love Pahrump’s quiet personality. Enjoy your favorite hobbies, such as painting, writing, photography or reading a book, without interruptions.
  • Amazing skies: Be prepared for some of the most amazing blue skies you’ve ever seen.
  • Complete amenities: Pahrump is a self-contained town. It may not be filled with hustle and bustle, but there are supermarkets, stores, restaurants, casinos and high-tech services to make life enjoyable, in addition to the legendary Pahrump Valley Winery.


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