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Sunny Phoenix, Arizona boasts an average annual temperature of 75 degrees. Its moderate climate and rich culture are some of its most famous features, but there is a swath of factors that make Phoenix an appealing location for the more than 1.6 million residents who occupy the greater metropolitan area. A city so expansive is hard to boil down to a defined set of characteristics, but the arts scene, favorable economy, and laid back lifestyle are some of Phoenix’s most notably attractive factors.

Time exposure of downtown Phoenix, AZ at sunset.

Economy and Employment

The economy in Phoenix is an attractive feature of the city in and of itself. With an unemployment rate lower than the national average, at 3.5 percent, the city is ripe with entrepreneurial opportunities. Some of the top employers in the area include the following:

  • State of Arizona
  • Walmart
  • Banner Health
  • Wells Fargo

Professionals in a range of industries can find work in Phoenix and enjoy a minimum wage of $11 for those employed by the city—well above the national average of $7.25.

Enjoy the Arts in Arizona

Phoenix isn’t just the government capital of Arizona—it’s also the unofficial arts capital of the state, with a thriving scene that includes Ballet Arizona, the Arizona Opera, the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, and the Arizona Theatre Company. The well-developed arts scene is one of the city’s most notable features, and it’s also a major part of the local economy. In addition to fine arts, Phoenix is known for the thriving presence of Native American artists who create artifacts like Hopi kachina dolls, headdresses, and beadwork.

Buying a Home in Phoenix

Phoenix’s median home value, at $242,600, is above the national average of $226,700. Indeed, the overall cost of living in Phoenix hovers above that of the national average, but this can also mean greater potential for growth in equity. Properties such as single family homes, multifamily homes, and condominiums are commonly found both in metro and suburban areas of Phoenix.


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