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Once known for its steel mills and blue-collar workers, Pittsburgh’s gritty reputation is a thing of the past. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of today is a state-of-the-art cultural center with a buzzing economy, tons of things to do and excellent food. This city of roughly 2.4 million people is regularly listed in the top 50 places to live and retire in the United States.

Incline operating in front of the downtown skyline of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

A Great Place To Buy a Home

First-time home buyers may be pleasantly surprised when checking out the Pittsburgh housing market. With a median home cost of around $180,000, Pittsburgh’s overall prices are 20 percent lower than the U.S. average. This is remarkable considering the city’s size, quality of life and growing economy.

In a large city like Pittsburgh with such a varied history, neighborhoods tend to have their own specific flair. Potential buyers can find every type of home imaginable, from Victorian and colonial to minimalist and industrial. Many homes in outlying areas and suburbs are spacious two-story units, and Pittsburgh offers townhouses, condos, and re-purposed lofts as well.

The Most Popular Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

Your ideal neighborhood depends on the pace of life you’re looking for, the amenities you can’t live without and your budget. Here are a few must-visit spots to look at:

  • Shadyside
  • Point Breeze
  • Mt. Lebanon
  • Highland Park
  • Upper Saint Clair
  • Squirrel Hill North
  • Morningside

What they all have in common are excellent safety ratings and education. Some neighborhoods are known for detached homes and large lots, and others have a more sophisticated air.

Things To Do and See in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins: Pittsburgh residents love professional sports teams and catching exciting games in person is easy with the city’s incredible stadiums.
  • Andy Warhol: The Andy Warhol Museum is just one of the must-see gems for people with an artistic side. The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh also continually showcase amazing art pieces.
  • Coffee, pastries and craft beer: Get ready for made-from-scratch goodness everywhere. Stopping for tasty coffee and baked goods quickly becomes a highlight of the day, and it’s fun to grab a craft ale at one of the city’s microbreweries after work.


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