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A big city with an amazing view, Portland, Oregon, frequently scores in the top 10 of the best places to live in the United States. Portland is located on the Columbia River, in the middle of the lush Willamette Valley region of Oregon. Residents of this metropolis of 2.5 million enjoy scenic vistas from downtown, and even more when taking a half-day trip.

The spectacular Oregon coast is 90 minutes to the west, while Mt. Hood’s imposing figure appears two hours east. Portland is surrounded on all sides by magnificent forests, such as Tillamook State Forest, Clatsop State Forest, and Mt. Hood National Forest.

What Is Living in Portland, Oregon Like?

In addition to the breathtaking beauty all around the city, Portland itself is attractive for many reasons. Here are a few highlights:

  • An eclectic personality: Portland can get quirky, and that’s the way the city likes it. Expect performance art, live music, vibrant décor and fashion that’s one of a kind.
  • Major amenities: Thanks to being Oregon’s largest city, Portland offers endless entertainment options, shops, and nightlife. It’s impossible to get bored here.
  • A hip restaurant scene: Hanging out with friends is a big part of what living in Portland means. Cool coffee shops, bakeries making scrumptious pastries and world-class chefs designing flavors from around the globe are a regular part of daily life. The craft breweries and wine bars are amazing.
  • The best education: Parents have every reason to get excited about the city’s top-rated public and private schools.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Home in Portland?

Purchasing your own slice of heaven can get a little costly. The median home price in Portland is between $400,000–$450,000. Its popularity puts Portland, Oregon, in a seller’s market, meaning homes are in demand. The good news is that the city’s prices are far better than other well-known cultural capital’s such as San Francisco, Miami, and New York City.

If you want to live in Portland but can’t afford this higher ticket price, one option is to head to the surrounding suburbs. You get the same great view, but with an average housing market of around $300,000.


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