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Rapid City, South Dakota, is the second largest city (by population) in South Dakota, and the largest West River city, meaning that it’s the largest South Dakota city west of the Missouri River. Its population is nearly 75,000. Rapid City is located just outside of the well-known Black Hills National Forest, where it was founded around the time of the Black Hills Gold Rush. In fact, the city is surrounded by historical and geographic points of interest, such as the Black Hills, Jewel Cave National Monument, the Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park, Wind Cave National Park and Mount Rushmore.

Panorama of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA.

Things To Do in Rapid City

The South Dakota Parks Department has an extensive outdoor education program, including Junior Naturalists, Becoming an Outdoors Woman and Becoming an Outdoors Family. Rapid City is lucky to be the home of the state’s Outdoor Campus West, where individuals and families can explore the natural world and learn new outdoor skills. The Outdoor Campus has guided activities and classes throughout the year, as well as “try-it” days that include topics such as fly casting, kayaking, and snowshoe hiking. Storybook Island, a free children’s park, as well as Dinosaur Park and the Journey Museum, are located right in town. The Reptile Gardens and Bear City USA are both just a few minutes outside of town.

Places To Live and Work in Rapid City

Gold rush history and natural wonders still draw people to the region around Rapid City, with some of the economy being built around tourism, but Ellsworth Air Force Base is a major employer as well. The median home price in Rapid City is $225,000, which is in line with U.S. national median. There are plenty of attractive single-family homes on the market here, as well as several condominiums and townhomes. A few manufactured homes and multi-family residences may be on the market at any given time, as well as plenty of vacant lots to build on.


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