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Like many places in Pennsylvania, the city of Reading has a nice mixture of historical architecture and green spaces. Even Reading’s downtown areas feature lots of shade trees. This natural character and vintage charm make the city of 89,000 feel relaxing and intimate.

Sixth Street, in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania.

The famous Reading Railroad still runs through the city, though most residents use cars or buses to get around town. Allentown, Pennsylvania, is an hour northeast, and driving to Philadelphia takes an hour and a half. When you’re in the mood for some big-city entertainment, it doesn’t take long to find it.

What Is the Housing Market Like in Reading?

One of the most attractive things about Reading and its suburbs of Mount Penn, Wyomissing and Shillington is their affordable homes. Houses in this area are attractive, with beautiful brick, large lawns, and a strong Americana feel. Many homes have three or four bedrooms and multiple stories, giving you plenty of room to raise a family or launch your own e-commerce business. The median home price in Reading is a wonderful $110,000, which is far below other cities in Pennsylvania and the U.S. in general.

Is Reading, Pennsylvania a Nice Place To Live?

From rich history to a love of sustainable living, this medium-sized city is like a shot of sweet Pennsylvania espresso. The only area where Reading falls short is its local economy. Retirees or people who work remotely view Reading as a home buyer’s paradise.

  • Safety: Reading has a great reputation for safety. This is a major factor for family enjoyment.
  • Peace: If you’re the type of person who loves peace and quiet, then Reading is for you. You won’t find the non-stop nightlife of bigger cities, but you will sleep soundly every night.
  • Education: For a city of its size, Reading has amazing educational institutions for K–12, both within the city and in its suburbs.
  • Comfort: It’s refreshing to live in the city and still have plenty of room to invite friends over for a barbecue, watch the sunrise on your porch or take your dog for a walk.


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