Rio Rancho NM


Just north of Albuquerque, the city of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, offers inspiring attractions, cultural diversity and affordable housing. Whether you’re already a proud resident of New Mexico or relocating, you’ll love this colorful and memorable location.

A wide shot of a desert in New Mexico.

Living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Rio Rancho has a population of 93,000 residents. The average property value in the city is $178,000, making it more affordable than the average property value throughout the nation.

The average income in Rio Rancho is $63,180, which is higher than the national average. Healthcare, retail and educational industries are prominent throughout the area.

Cultural diversity reflects its location in central New Mexico. Rio Rancho enjoys a diverse population, with over 40 percent of residents with Hispanic or Latino background.

Schools in the area are competitive, with Martin King Jr. Elementary School and Rio Rancho High School ranking prominently.

Local Attractions

Just a short commute from the capital of Albuquerque, it’s easy to see how residents of Rio Rancho can enjoy a diverse range of attractions and pastimes. Whether you wish to explore prehistoric archeology or window shop through a bustling, modern metropolis, everything is just a short drive from your new home in Rio Rancho.

Travel buffs will love the Old Route 66 nearby, and fans of outdoor adventure will seek out Quiet Waters Paddling Adventures, Jemez Mountain Trail and Bandelier National Monument. Whether you prefer to travel by foot, bike or car, there’s plenty to explore in the surrounding mountainous and desert environment.

Despite the multitude of indoor and outdoor attractions, the area retains a suburban feel. Streets are pleasantly walkable and you can easily find a single-family home that isn’t dominated by apartment complexes or busy highways.

Discover the best neighborhood for your dream home today. Each area of Rio Rancho offers a distinct set of advantages, so you’re sure to find an area that you can call home.



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