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The city of Rochester, New York is located about as far north as you can go without crossing into Canada. It sits on the southern banks of beautiful Lake Ontario. This location provides residents with beautiful backdrops year round, plenty of snow in winter and a perfect summer climate.

A wide shot of Rochester, New York.

This large New York city has a population of 1,080,653 when suburbs are taken into account. Art-lovers, families, working professionals and outdoor explorers all have something to love in this laid-back cultural center.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Home in Rochester, New York?

The median home price in Rochester is approximately $135,000. This is considerably better than the U.S. average of $225,000. Additionally, prospective homeowners enjoy a buyer’s market in Rochester, meaning that there’s more supply than demand. This gives you the leverage to find a home with your favorite options for a favorable price.

Is Rochester a Nice Place To Live?

Rochester has a lot of great things going for it, even if the average wage is lower than other parts of New York:

  • Excellent education: With several top-rated public and private schools, it’s not hard for parents to find great education for their kids in many neighborhoods.
  • Lake Ontario: Living on Lake Ontario means incredible relaxation when you need it. During summer, you can have fun boating, fishing, sailing, water skiing or swimming.
  • Classic homes and vintage architecture: Rochester has one of the largest surviving collections of pre-1950s architecture. This vintage Americana shows up in beautiful city buildings and many homes. You can even find repurposed industrial lofts with exposed brick walls and wood beams.
  • Historical landmarks: Besides the attractive architecture, Rochester has a rich history in another sense: It’s the home of many historically significant people and events, such as Susan B. Anthony.
  • Abundant parks: With over 3,000 acres of parks and natural areas, families have lots of opportunities to spend time together in a peaceful setting. Parks also make it easy to stay fit for cyclists, joggers, speed walkers, and sports enthusiasts.

With these perks, it’s not surprising that Rochester is considered one of the top places in New York to raise a family.



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