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Roswell, New Mexico, is one of the largest cities in the state and most famous for extraterrestrial activity. Roswell has a vibrant tourist economy, an attractive housing market and several educational opportunities for families and individuals to be a part of here.

Roswell Housing Market

Roswell is more than a town to attract UFO hunters. It also features a housing market that draws people in. The median price per square foot is $90, with the average house selling for $138,800. Currently, housing prices in Roswell are 48 percent less than the national average, making the area desirable to home buyers.

Highlights of Living in Roswell, New Mexico

Life in Roswell, New Mexico, is unique in that it is mostly associated with a UFO crash site. It also has an oil and farming economy, good schooling system and recreational activities to take part in. Some other highlights of living in Roswell include the following:

  • Extraterrestrials: Roswell’s claim to fame is most notably the Roswell UFO incident in 1947. Since that time, the town has capitalized on a unique form of tourism and branded the city UFO central.
  • Excellent education systems: Residents can choose from a variety of private and public schools, colleges, universities, and a military school. There is also the International Law Enforcement Academy that trains officers in the latest techniques.
  • Four distinct seasons: Cold winters give way to pleasant spring days and hot summer months before cooling down again in the fall. Summer months experience monsoon weather, which may bring about thunderstorms and heavy rain with the occasional tornado.

Activities in Roswell, NM

Roswell is about more than just extraterrestrials. Some of the top attractions to be found in Roswell are:

  • International UFO Museum and Research Center
  • The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Spring River Park and Zoo
  • Walker Aviation Museum
  • Downtown historic district
  • Pecos Flavors Winery
  • Roswell Symphony Orchestra
  • Bottomless Lake State Park

Whether you want to chase UFO’s, see the glorious summer storms or take advantage of the excellent housing market, Roswell has something for everyone. You can be part of this interesting city and find the right home for you.


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