Saint George UT


Saint George is listed as the seventh largest city in the state of Utah. It has a population just over 80,000. The city is surrounded by the Pine Valley Mountains and the Mojave Desert. It also sits near the Utah, Arizona and Nevada tristate junction. In this locale, there’s no shortage of stunning landscapes and panoramic views. If you’re a nature lover, there are many national and state parks for you to visit.

A wide shot of a snow canyon in Saint George, Utah.

What to Know About Buying a Home in Saint George, Utah

Buying a home in Saint George gives you access to 21 neighborhoods. You’re bound to find something within your budget. Home prices range from $1.5K to nearly $50M. The median home value is $310,000 and the median list price is a little over $362,000. Saint George is such a desirable place to live that it ranks number 27 out of 50 as one of the most preferred locations for a second home. The architectural style of the homes includes pioneer, period revival, Victorian, early 20th century, early modern and post-war modern.

Main features that Saint George offers:

  • Mild winters: The arid climate produces warmer-than-normal temperatures. Typical temps in December average around 41 degrees.
  • Incredible music events: Saint George Arts Festival and Concerts in the Park entertains residents with a variety of musical acts. Additionally, there are a host of other events featuring choirs and orchestras.
  • Endless outdoor activities: Anyone who enjoys outdoor and recreational escapades has many options including golf, softball, fishing, and skateboarding.

Great Neighborhoods to Live In

Saint George is among the safest cities in the U.S., which is good news for any homebuyer. Violent crime is 11.2 and property crime is 29.9 compared to 22.7 and 35.4 in the rest of the nation respectively. Bloomington Country Club, Sun River, and Entrada are among the most desirable neighborhoods in the city. Saint George has 49 public and private educational institutions offering quality K-12 education.


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