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Salem is the capital city of Oregon. Surprisingly, it’s not the state’s largest city. That honor goes to hip Portland, located about an hour north. Salem’s smaller population of around 150,000 is actually one of the best parts of living here. Along with beautiful historical architecture, gardens, entertainment venues and other cultural hotspots that you’d expect, Salem offers a more peaceful vibe than most larger cities.

Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem Oregon with green front lawn and cherry blossom trees.

What’s Life in Salem, OR Like?

The first thing you’ll notice when moving to this breathtaking city is all the greenery present. Within the city, parks and gardens pop up all over the place, putting a smile on your face and getting every day off to a great start. An extensive park system gives families the chance to have some fun together.

Outside Salem, things get even more beautiful. Rolling hills to the west lead you to the Oregon coastline and stunning blue crashing waves in around an hour. Going east gives you breathtaking vistas of Silver Falls State Park, Mount Jefferson and the valley areas of Mt. Hood National Forest and Willamette National Forest. In Salem’s immediate vicinity, the Willamette Valley holds incredible wineries that take advantage of the excellent local climate.

Here are a few other things to love:

  • Close proximity to Portland’s buzzing nightlife scene
  • Excellent schools
  • Art and live music
  • Great restaurants
  • Mild spring, summer, fall and winter weather
  • Lots of families in the city

Salem’s crime rate is slightly below the U.S. average, and there are many attractive neighborhoods where families can feel perfectly safe.

How Much Does it Cost To Buy a Home in Salem, Oregon?

The housing market in Salem fluctuates a lot due to its popularity. Depending on the number of homes available for sale, prices can increase or decrease. The median home price for Salem is around $270,000. This is higher than the U.S. average of $225,000 but is lower than other cities in Oregon, such as Eugene and Portland.

If living in gorgeous surroundings with a relaxed vibe and friendly neighbors sounds great for your family, come to Salem. You won’t regret it.

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