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San Jose is a large and important city in California. It’s the economic, cultural and political center of Silicon Valley, a large and influential technology industry region. It’s the third most populous city in California and tenth in the United States. It is a popular place to live thanks to its thriving economy and global importance.

A view of a city at night with a sunset on the horizon - San Jose.

Education and Culture

San Jose has 127 elementary, 47 middle and 44 high schools in its public-school system, broken into several districts. There are also a number of large, well-regarded private schools, primarily run by religious groups.

The city is home to San Jose State University as well as several other private and public universities. Although not in the city, Stanford and San Clara University are in the San Jose metropolitan area.

As a burgeoning city and center of Silicon Valley, San Jose has a vibrant culture including architectural landmarks, a growing public art scene and performing arts venues. The San Jose Sharks play at the SAP Center and the San Francisco 49ers play in nearby Santa Clara.

Employers and Economy

San Jose is an important city in the United States technology industry. It’s an innovation center for engineering, computers, and software. As of 2017, these are the largest employers in the city:

  • County of Santa Clara
  • Cisco Systems
  • City of San Jose
  • PayPal
  • Western Digital
  • eBay
  • IBM

Housing Market

As an economic center, San Jose is also known for its high cost of living. The median listing price for homes is $966,700 with a median square footage of 1,521. This makes the median price per square foot $636. Home values are more than 300 percent higher than the national median.

These high home prices are only beaten by other major cities including nearby San Francisco. Of course, these high prices reflect the desirability and opportunities of San Jose and the region as a whole.


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