Santa Fe NM


The diverse culture and excellent outdoor opportunities make Santa Fe an excellent place to relocate. Buying a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, means joining the beautiful tapestry of 82,000 residents. Discover all the benefits of living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A wide shot of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Beautiful Scenery

It all starts with warm, sunny days. Santa Fe enjoys only 16 inches of average rainfall and 283 days of sunny weather, on average. In comparison, the national average is 39 inches of rain and only 205 sunny days. Despite the sun, the climate stays reasonably mild with average summer highs only around 87 degrees. This allows you to enjoy the sunshine without scorching heat.

Live life outdoors with local parks, nearby Atalaya Mountain and a number of rafting, hiking, and walking trails. The Dale Ball Trails and the Nedra Matteucci Galleries, in particular, are popular outdoor attractions that help residents appreciate the inviting climate and stunning scenery.

Rising Property Values

While the current median property value in Santa Fe is higher than the national average at $265,000, it’s continuing to rise. This translates into an excellent investment in the long run.

Part of this is due to the excellent schools in the area. Wood-Gormley Elementary School, El Dorado Community Schools and the NM School for the Arts are all highly ranked schools that provide a quality education for your family.

Thriving Cultural Center

Santa Fe enjoys a rich tapestry of diversity. 54 percent of the local community is of Hispanic or Latino background. Experience local festivals, worldwide cuisine and a thriving community of multicultural citizens. Museums and art centers also reflect the values and art of this cultural landscape.

Overall, Santa Fe is a city large enough to offer the amenities you need but small enough to provide a suburban feel. Each neighborhood offers a slightly different pace. Discover where your dream home is waiting.


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