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Homebuyer’s Guide to South Bend, IN

Moving is a big change, so you want to be sure you’re headed to the right place before you pull up your roots. Does South Bend, Indiana, meet all your needs? To help you answer that question, we’ve put together this handy guide.

Old courthouse in South Bend.

Cost of Living

One of South Bend’s most attractive qualities is the low cost of living. Utilities are approximately 16 percent lower than the national average, while groceries are around 7 percent lower. The biggest difference, however, is in housing. Residents of South Bend experience housing costs that are 47 percent lower than the national average, making it an extremely affordable place to rent or buy.

Local Features

Are amenities important to you? South Bend has many fun places to visit on your day off:

  • Studebaker National Museum
  • Kennedy Park
  • Island Park Century Center
  • Morris Performing Arts Center

There are also a number of coffee shops, drinking establishments, and restaurants to stop at for refreshment after a long day of shopping.

Housing Options

While the majority of housing is comprised of single-family homes, there are many apartments available. Over 40 percent of homes are 3-bedroom and over 30 percent are 2-bedroom. Individuals looking to rent can expect a monthly average rent of $968, which is a steal compared to cities of similar size in other areas of the U.S.


The population of South Bend trends to the younger end of the spectrum, with the median age falling around 33.2, compared to the national median of 37.7. It’s also quite diverse, with sizable African-American and Latinx communities. The majority of residents aren’t married or don’t have kids, creating an atmosphere that caters to young professionals.

South Bend is a lively city full of opportunities for new experiences. If you’re interested in inexpensive living, this may just be your city. You can find a great residence here that aligns with your personal “must have” list for much less than other areas of the U.S.


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