Delaware, one of the smallest states in the country, is a hidden gem for homebuyers looking for value. Nearly one million people call this tiny state home, and for first-time homebuyers or retired seniors looking to downsize, this may be a great choice. Delaware offers attractive financial incentives to people wanting to relocate. This state also features a variety of local attractions and historical sites so there’s always something to do.

Benefits To Buying in Delaware

If you’re considering several different places to start your home-buying search, Delaware stands out. Delaware homebuyers and residents get unique benefits. Here are some reasons why
buyers come to this state:

  • Sales Tax Incentives – There is no state sales tax on purchases in Delaware, saving you a lot of cash.
  • Other Taxes – Residents also pay very low-income tax in the state. Many residents don’t have to pay property taxes, inheritance tax or taxes on Social Security benefits.
  • Convenient Location – Living in Delaware means you’ll be close to other top metro areas, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City and Washington, D.C.
  • Beach Access – Delaware offers miles of pristine Atlantic coastline, a short driving distance from anywhere in the state.

Housing Prices

Delaware also has affordable prices for buyers on a budget. The median value for homes in Delaware is $238,000, which is a reasonable investment for most working families. Additionally, property values are continuing to rise in Delaware, making it a smart choice for buyers looking to see returns on their home purchase for the future.

Popular Areas To Find a Home

Because of its small size, Delaware only features a small number of heavily populated areas where lots of homes are for sale. The most popular region to buy a home in Delaware is along the coast in places like Rehoboth Beach and Lewes. Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city is the next biggest spot for homebuyers in the state. Newark, the home of the University of Delaware, is another great place for homebuyers.

Things To Do

Living in Delaware gives you access to plenty of things to do. You’ll have lots of beach opportunities for swimming, sailing or fishing. Delaware also has a large number of heritage sites, such as historic New Castle, the Delaware History Trail, and the DuPont Mansions. Breweries are also popular in Delaware, and many offer restaurants and tasting tours, such as Dogfish Head, Old Dominion, and Iron Hill.

Delaware may be the perfect spot for your new home purchase. With all that this state offers, you can expect to enjoy a relaxing and fun lifestyle in an affordable home here.