It’s possible to live in a year-round paradise if you buy a home in Hawaii. While it’s true that Hawaii real estate may be a little pricier than other parts of the country, many residents have found the price tag to be worth it. Living in Hawaii can make your dreams of feeling like you’re on vacation every day finally come true. Here is the lowdown on buying a home in Hawaii.

The Islands of Hawaii

The state of Hawaii consists of four main islands and several smaller, outlying islands in the Pacific Ocean. Each island offers different things for home buyers and has a unique flavor.

  • Oahu – The most populated island in Hawaii is Oahu and home to the capital city, Honolulu. If you want to experience island living and city life, this is the place to go.
  • Maui – Maui is a little less crowded than Oahu, but it still has plenty of convenient amenities. It also features the most beautiful island beaches, the legendary Road to Hana and gorgeous valleys.
  • The Big Island – The largest island in Hawaii has an extensive amount of climate diversity, with mountains, rain forest, beaches, and waterfalls. This is also the location of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Kilauea.
  • Kauai – If you want a quieter lifestyle, Kauai's smaller population may work for you. It also features beautiful gardens and dramatic scenery.

Beach Life

One of the biggest draws for people to move to Hawaii is the beach. The weather is tropical all year long, giving you as much beach time as you want. Water lovers can enjoy plenty of sun, surf, sand, and other ocean activities. Buying a home close to the beach means you’ll get to be part of the fun as much as possible.

Nature and Wildlife

Hawaii residents also get a front row seat to the incredible biodiversity on the island. The island is full of gorgeous tropical plants and flowers that aren’t found anywhere else in the world and could be part of your backyard. Additionally, you could experience seeing some of the most interesting creatures in the world here in Hawaii, such as sea turtles, Hawaiian monk seals, humpback whales and the many different types of seabirds.

If you see yourself living in an incredible place, Hawaii may be the right fit for you. Choosing this state for your home search means you’ll experience some of the most amazing views, dramatic sunsets and other unique experiences only found in this special place.