Southern Living in Louisiana

Louisiana is a diverse state that has a lot to offer the nearly 4.7 million people who call “the Pelican State” home. With a rich tapestry of history that rivals any other place on the planet, it’s hard not to fall in love with life on the bayou. Here are a few of the reasons to consider buying a home in Louisiana and let the good times roll.

A Food Scene Unlike any Other State

It’s safe to say that Louisianans take a lot of pride in their state’s food, but how did this culinary scene come together? Louisiana’s cuisine is a mélange of the different cultures that had an influence on the state over the years, and it’s easy to taste it with every bite. It all starts with fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico that gets mixed with a wide range of produce that’s either locally grown or brought into this important port at the mouth of the Mississippi River. From Beignets and Po’boy sandwiches to gumbo and étouffee, there’s something to please the palate of even the pickiest eaters.

Louisiana Has a Soundtrack

If food is the heart of Louisiana living, music is definitely the soul. The streets of New Orleans are where artists such as Louis Armstrong, Harry Connick Jr., and Trombone Shorty honed their skills, but that’s just the beginning of this vibrant musical scene. Look outside the big city and you’ll see the influence of Cajun musical styles such as Zydeco and swamp rock. Back in “the Big Easy,” you can hear world-class musicians play on street corners and inside clubs all over town. As a Louisiana resident, you might even get the opportunity to experience Jazz Fest, which draws nearly 500,000 people every year.

Mardi Gras

The Catholic Church had an important role in the formation of Louisiana, which is part of the reason why the state has parishes instead of counties. The most obvious symbol of Catholic influence on the state is the celebration of Mardi Gras, which is the day when the faithful would traditionally consume their luxury goods in preparation for the Lenten season. While the New Orleans celebration of this holiday gets the most attention, you can experience different versions of the festivities all over the state.

Excellent Colleges

Louisiana might seem like it’s all fun and games, but the state gets very serious about its higher education. People from all over the world come to “the Pelican State” to attend a number of prestigious universities:

  • Louisiana State University
  • Tulane
  • Loyola
  • Louisiana Tech