Buying a Home That’s “Pure Michigan”

Michigan might not get the best attention in the press because of economic issues in Detroit, but there’s a lot more to “the Wolverine State” than meets the headlines. Ask the nearly 10 million Michiganders who live in the mitten-shaped landmass and its associated Upper Peninsula, and they’ll tell you a much better story. Here are some great reasons why Michigan might be the perfect place for your next home.

World-Class Higher Education

It’s one thing for a state to have one great public university, but Michigan has several. The cream of the crop is the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, which is often referred to as a “public Ivy League.” People apply from all over the world to attend this prestigious school, but you and your children will have the benefit of paying in-state tuition. Aside from the flagship college, there are a few other schools with excellent reputations:

  • Michigan State University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Central Michigan University

Extremely Affordable Housing

A move to Michigan can be very good for your wallet because the cost of living is so much lower than the national average. The statewide median home value is $151,700, which is $75,000 lower than the same figure on the national level. While this figure is skewed slightly by properties in Detroit, that city is starting to see an influx of buyers and redevelopment. Getting in early could end up being an excellent investment in a community on a rapid rebound.

Something for Every Lifestyle

Michigan covers a lot of territories, which means there’s something new around every corner. If you like the amenities of a city, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Lansing are right up your alley. For a more small-town feel, look into areas such as Traverse City or Pleasant Ridge.

An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Paradise

If you like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, Michigan has a lot to offer. Four out of the five great lakes touch at least some portion of the state, which means you’ll have access to excellent fishing, boating, diving, and other aquatic activities. There’s also plenty of forested areas for hunters to pursue their favorite game. For those who like to hit the links, there are more than 650 public golf courses interspersed throughout the state as well as several country clubs with championship loops.