Pristine beaches, warm southern summers, bustling cities, and highly ranked educational opportunities are just some of the benefits of living in Mississippi. If you’re considering joining the 2.98 million residents in this iconic and often-overlooked state, here are some fast facts and great reasons to choose this proud state as your home.

Home Prices in Mississippi

Homes across Mississippi are, on average, far more affordable than homes in other states. The median property value in the state is $120,200, which is far below the national average of $200,000.

You can choose a tight-knit community in the busy cities of Jackson, Biloxi, Hattiesburg or find a spacious property in the countryside. The cities are surprisingly full of all the amenities you could want in a major city, while the countryside boasts open roads, lush forests, and beautiful beaches.

Local Economy and Demographics

The economy in Mississippi is on the upswing. Despite a statewide poverty rate of 21%, the median household income continues to climb. Add to that the rock-bottom real estate prices, with $120,200 being the average, and you’ll discover that now is the time to find a property in Mississippi.

Enjoy leading educational opportunities at local school districts and competitive universities. The University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College offer opportunities for you and your children to receive a nationally ranked education right in your local community.

Cities in Mississippi boast Southern hospitality, cultural diversity and a range of arts and cultural activities for your entire family to enjoy.

Great Reasons to Live in Mississippi

Regardless of the location you choose for your dream home, living in Mississippi offers distinct advantages and memorable experiences:

  • Historical Music Scene: Whether you’re a fan of Elvis or the Blues; Mississippi is the birthplace of many classic music genres and musicians that are known all across the nation. Check out Oxford, Mississippi for a musical and cultural hub.
  • Tantalizing Cuisine: Authentic food from around the world is available in the major cities, and unique local specialties, such as barbecue, catfish and hot tamales, are available all throughout the state.
  • Unforgettable History: Civil War battlefields and museums are dotted all across this iconic state. Stroll through pristine parks and witness breathtaking antebellum homes wherever you travel.

Whether you’re a young professional looking for a lively city, a family looking to raise your kids in a safe, fun environment or a retiree in search of a strong sense of community, Mississippi has plenty to offer. Find your home in this southern state today.