The western state of Nevada is known by many names. Because it achieved statehood during the Civil War, it is known as the “Battle Born State.” Other nicknames include the Sagebrush State and the Silver State. With over 3 million people calling Nevada home, it ranks 32nd in the nation for population size, but it is also one of the most sparsely populated states in the country, with approximately 75 percent of the population dwelling in or near the Las Vegas-Paradise metropolitan area in Clark County and an overall population density of only 26.8 people per square mile.


Nevada draws lots of tourists to resort areas of Reno and Las Vegas for gambling and other forms of entertainment, but Nevada is also an ideal spot for the outdoor enthusiast as it is home to 24 state parks, 68 designated wilderness areas, as well as recreation areas maintained by the federal government, including the following:

  • Inyo National Forest
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  • Pony Express National Historic Trail
  • Great Basin National Park

Lake Tahoe, on the state line between Nevada and California, is also a popular location for skiing, bicycling, hiking, and water sports. There are also casinos on the Nevada side.

Best Places To Live in Nevada

The most famous cities in Nevada are Reno and Las Vegas, and each ranks among the top 15 cities in which to live statewide. Other well-regarded communities include the following:

  • Henderson

After Las Vegas, Henderson is the second most populous city in Nevada, with a population of 302,539 people. Henderson is located near Las Vegas in the southern tip of the state. Locals appreciate the mild winters and dry summer heat. Additionally, the high school graduation rate in Henderson is 10 percent higher than the statewide average, the crime rate is lower than the statewide average by 36 percent, and the median household income is $64,277 per year.

  • Incline Village

On the other end of the population-spectrum is Incline Village, with a population of only 8,621. The high school graduation rate in Incline Village is 92 percent, household income is 45 percent higher than the statewide average at $77,014, and the total crime rate undercuts that of the U.S. and Nevada by 60 percent and 65 percent, respectively. It is located in western Nevada near Reno.

  • Boulder City

With a population of 15,373, Boulder City is located in southern Nevada near the Arizona border. The year-over-year crime rate in Boulder City is down by 11 percent, and the total crime rate is 71 percent lower than statewide figures. In addition, Boulder City boasts a 90 percent high school graduation rate.