Known for its stunning displays of colorful foliage during the autumn months, New Hampshire is a picturesque state in the northeastern region of the United States known as New England. With a citizenry of 1,356,458 people and a total square mileage of 9,349, it is one of the smallest states in the country in terms of both population and land area.

New Hampshire was one of the 13 original colonies to rebel against British rule in the late 18th century, and it was the site of one of the first battles of the American Revolution when British soldiers fired upon rebels raiding Fort William and Mary for weapons in December 1774.


Along with Massachusetts, New Hampshire was one of two states whose students had the highest scores on the ACT and SAT standardized tests in 2008. New Hampshire is a well-educated state in which 92.8 percent of adults hold at least a high school diploma and 36 percent of adults have attained at least a bachelor’s degree. Each of these figures is at least 5 percent higher than the corresponding nationwide figures. New Hampshire is also home to the Ivy League research university Dartmouth College.

Best Cities in New Hampshire

With the largest city in the state only having a population of about 111,000 people, New Hampshire is not a big urban center, but those who like small-town living may find that New Hampshire is the perfect place to settle. The following are considered the three most livable cities in the state, in descending order of population:

  • Dover
  • Dover has a population of about 30,000 people. The median home value is $238,100, yearly household income is about $63,000, and the total crime rate is 59 percent lower than the U.S. average. The unemployment rate is only 4 percent.

  • Portsmouth
  • As implied by the name, Portsmouth lies along the Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of 21,458 and boasts a graduation rate of 93 percent. Portsmouth is a safe city in which the total crime rate is 42 percent lower than the national average and year-over-year crime is down by 21 percent. The unemployment rate is only 2 percent, and the median household income is $69,664 per year.

  • Hanover
  • Located in central New Hampshire, west of the White Mountain National Forest, Hanover is a small town of 8,482 people. With a high school graduation rate of 97 percent, it ranks as the number-one best city for education in New Hampshire. The total crime rate in Hanover is 60 percent lower than average for the U.S., and the chance of being a crime victim is only one in 91.