Home to the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T headquarters, University of Houston and Big Bend National Park, the Lone Star State is the largest of the contiguous 48. To the west you’ll find the Rocky Mountains, to the east you’ll find hundreds of miles of beaches. With no state income tax and a lower cost of living than east and west coast states, making your home in Texas makes financial sense.

Employment in Texas

Some of the largest companies headquartered in Texas include JCPenney, Keller Williams, Dell, AT&T, Kimberly-Clark, and GameStop. The state boasts some well-paying employment opportunities at these and other major businesses. If something more hometown is in your comfort zone, there are plenty of small cities that just need one or two professionals in various professions. While minimum wage is the same as the federal minimum wage, a large portion of area companies pays higher.

Opportunities for Higher Education

Whether for you or your college-bound children, Texas offers a lot in terms of higher education. There are six state university systems in the Lone Star State: The University of Houston, University of North Texas, University of Texas, Texas A&M International University, Texas State University, and Texas Tech University. Within these six systems are separate public universities, which when added to other independent universities, total 38. There are also many private colleges and universities, as well as technical colleges, community colleges, law schools and more.

Cost of Living in Texas

When comparing living costs in Texas to the national averages, you’ll see it’s an affordable place to put down roots. The national median home cost is $219,700, whereas Texas is $193,800. The cost of rent varies by bedroom size but is less than the national average for every size.

Utilities in monopoly cities are lower than those in deregulated markets, but both areas often offer deals for customers. Food prices vary by each city, with Dallas being one of the more affordable.

Exploring the Great Outdoors

When the perfect weather hits in spring and fall, Texas has plenty of outdoor areas for the family to explore. Go fishing, hiking, camping or backpacking at Big Bend National Park. Discover incredible rock formations at Enchanted Rock Natural Area. Spend fall in the Lost Maples State Natural Area to enjoy the vibrant colors of autumn. Enjoy the beauty of Padre Island National Seashore. If staying close to home sounds more your style, check out one of many neighborhood parks. There’s something for everyone, and with so many outdoor adventures it’s easy to get to know your beautiful state.