When you picture yourself living in Vermont, perhaps you imagine the rolling hills with a quaint little town nestled between. While that is a reality in many Vermont areas, there are other features you’ll love equally as well about living in the Green Mountain State.

Recreation All Year

Vermont is notorious for skiing during the winter. The season is long and there are plenty of resorts where residents and visitors can spend hours on the slopes. Spend the day at Stowe Mountain skiing with the family. Take in the majestic views while on the mountain at Sugarbush Resort. Enjoy an afternoon at the Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center.

Though the summers are short, there’s still a lot to do whether you head to a resort for hiking or go on a scenic drive down Molly Stark Trail. With a plethora of biking, hiking, and walking trails, you can experience the beauty of the country up close.

Opportunities for Employment

Vermont boasts a load of business headquarters with Bruegger’s, Mack Group, GW Plastics, and Ben & Jerry’s as some of the top in the state. Individuals looking for employment opportunities in the Green Mountain State will find they are plenty. Whether you work in hospitality, construction, manufacturing or farming, there’s something for everyone.

A Dreamy Atmosphere

Vermonters revel in the dreamy atmosphere in the state. Though there’s plenty of snow and mud for most of the year, fall swoops in with its gorgeous sunsets and incredible leaves, showing you the color you could never imagine to be so vibrant. The lake towns give you that feeling of living by the seaside, though the communities are smaller and less crowded than you’d find at a coastal town. Historic covered bridges are unique to the New England states and Vermont is no exception.

The people of Vermont are very welcoming to newcomers. They’ll probably bring you a bottle of pure maple syrup and invite you to a potluck when they learn you’ve just moved to town. That quaint little town feeling you imagined will soon come to life.

Continuing Education

Castleton University, Green Mountain College, Saint Michael’s College and the University of Vermont are only a handful of the establishments you’ll find to further your education. Whether you’re thinking about your current high schooler or yourself, there are many options for continued education at a higher level.

Exciting and Distinctive Events

Whether you participate in the Strolling of the Heifers Parade & Festival or check out Vermont’s Oktoberfest celebration, there is no shortage of distinctive and exciting events. Make one of their yearly festivals or celebrations your new tradition!