Someone looking to raise their family with true southern hospitality will be glad they moved to Virginia. The Old Dominion is a gorgeous state packed with history, character, and charm. You might find a few Civil War reenactments, but they’ll almost always be accompanied by great food and great company. There could be some bantering between north and south, but it’s all in good fun. Known as a purple state, Virginia is rich in the political sense, swinging from one side to the next with every election, often casting the deciding vote.

Events You Don’t Want to Miss

As a resident of Virginia, there are some annual events you’ll want to have on your recurring calendar. Take part in the Ella Fitzgerald Music Festival; an exciting jazz music festival, celebrating the music of The First Lady of Song herself. Participate in a festival that has been occurring for almost 100 years; the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. Head to Virginia Beach to experience the Stars & Stripes Explosion, which is one of the best events you’ll attend all year.

Furthering Your Education

Virginia has no shortage of opportunities for you or your children to further your education. With over 110,000 students, Liberty University is the largest institution, but you could also attend American National University, College of William and Mary, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Wytheville Community College or a number of other institutions. Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia are revered as two of the best institutions in the country, and living in-state gives you access to in-state tuition costs.

The Cost of Living

Some might view the cost of living in Virginia as too high, but when you compare it with what’s going on in the economy, it evens out. Housing costs might be higher than the national average, but grocery and utility costs are lower. With 27 military bases in the state alone, the state is wealthy and the people are wealthier.

Large Company Headquarters

Did you know Virginia is headquarters to the US Army, Dollar Tree, Advance Auto Parts, Capital One and more? With 1,036 companies that are actually headquartered in The Old Dominion, there are plenty of opportunities for good employment. Want to get involved with The Salvation Army? It’s in Virginia. Looking to secure a job with the American Diabetes Association? Also there! What about Interstate Hotels & Resorts? Yep, Virginia!

Of course, if you’re more interested in working for a smaller business, there are also ample opportunities to become involved that way. Entrepreneurs and small internet-based companies find success living and working in such a welcoming state.